We're radically recreating an awareness for the desperate need of physical gratitude.



Noun; the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 

Fundamentally we believe that physical gratitude can change the world.

And that's why we exist.

Because too many people walk through life not knowing that they're worthy, that they're loved, that they're seen.


And you shouldn't be one of them. And the people you love shouldn't either.

So say thank you.

Because letting people know we appreciate them really, really matters.


Tiny Thank You Moments Card Pack

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Why gratitude?

Studies show that consistent positive interactions, particularly ones that involve gratitude, increase happiness and decrease levels of depression.

Who cares?

300 Million people around the world deal with depression.  

The problem?

We desperately need to know that we are loved, valued, and seen- we can't go through life feeling invisible.



Awesome products and projects on mission to radically recreate an awareness for the need of physical gratitude.


We want to equip you with any and everything you may need to act on physical gratitude-

Every. Single. Day.

Whether that's Gratitude Cards, Custom Company Thank You's, awesome T-Shirts or encouragement and motivation, we're on a mission to make sure you have everything YOU need to live out a #grateful(&company) life.


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"When you see Grateful & Company, I want you to feel something. I want you to feel empowered- that you are capable of making a difference."

- Caroline Ferguson

Owner & Founder

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