Before you shop or support Grateful & Company, you should first and foremost understand what we are working towards.  

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Our founder, Caroline Ferguson, recently sat down to discuss the state of mental health and suicide prevention among college students and on college campuses with the Director of CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) at the University of Houston. You can learn more about CAPS and give directly to their efforts by clicking here.


Our main goal from day one has been to do what was within our scope to contribute to a much larger mission of ending suicide.  We have intentionally built a brand and community around gratitude to promote and encourage what we believe contributes to mentally healthier lives:

1. Knowing that we are loved.

2. Knowing that we are seen.

3. Believing that we are worthy and deserving of this life.

Caroline launched Grateful & Company as a student at the University of Houston's Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in 2018 and quickly became very passionate about the state of mental health, depression and suicide among college students. 

1 in 12 college students have a suicide plan in place.  Suicide is actually the 2nd highest cause of death among college students.  And at the University of Houston specifically, Caroline's alum, there is a very large disconnect between students needing mental health help and resources and what is currently available.

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